Check Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay by Check?
  1. Make Check Payable to: Clear Krush Corporation.
    Addding your Order Number which appears ont he Thank You page after you process the order will help expedite processing.
  2. Mail check to:
    Clear Krush Corp.
    6422 S Quebec St. BLDG 4,
    Centennial, CO 80111
Who is Clear Krush Corporation?

Clear Krush Corporation is the holding company for Kuli Essentials LLC.

When will my order be shipped?

In general 4-5 days from when the check has been received and deposited. This allows time for the check to clear the bank. Including the check out document or the Order Number displayed on the Check Out document will help expedite linking your payment to your order, a step we complete before depositing your check. If are unable to link your payment to an order or have questions about the order, we may email or call you for additional information before depositing your check.