A story about Slinky and her best buddy Duke.

Slinky, a mugly (mutt ugly) was found abandoned in the alleys of North Denver one blustery winter day in December 2008 with her sister Holly. Slinky and Holly were very frightened and hungry little mutts when rescued.  Luckily she became the loving pet of one of Kuli Essential’s founders while Holly stayed with the family who rescued both girls.  During the first 9 years of her life, Slinky went on many vacations with her new family and was enjoying life to its fullest!  She loved her walks, her car and plane trips, time with her Grandma and especially her time romping with her sister on special overnight visits.

But things started to change for Slinky around her 9th birthday.  She began to have chronic diarrhea coupled with a lack of appetite.  Her walks were met with less and less enthusiasm and in fact, she began to show signs of lethargy that worried her family.

Many vet visits occurred in the next year, along with shots, antibiotics and anti-nausea/anti-diarrhea medicines.  All to limited success as it was finally determined she had pancreatitis.

Coincidentally and fortunately for all, Slinky’s mom had been hearing anecdotal data about CBD and some of the conditions helped by small doses of the cannabinoid (non-psychotropic) part of the marijuana plant.  She learned that it was helping people with anxiety, pain, epilepsy and inflammatory conditions without creating the high associated with marijuana. 

Hoping (but a bit skeptical), she started Slinky on 1mg of CBD and held her breath… and waited… After a week, she thought the diarrhea might be getting a tiny bit better, but mom was still a bit skeptical. But after three weeks, the diarrhea was completely gone!  She then started noticing Slinky’s appetite improving and lastly in about month 3, Slinky had returned to her playful joyful self!  But mom still worried it was a fluke or something temporary, even though all her symptoms were gone and she appeared pain free with a robust appetite.

When Slinky turned 10, we added a cousin dog named Duke to the family.  Duke the lab solidified what we were experiencing.  While a bit timid with her MN dog cousins, Slinky started nudging Duke into playful activity even though Duke was three times her size and still an energetic puppy.  But Slinky loved him, loved everything about him and egged him on to a full- on game of chase and doggy neck war….play biting at one another’s necks to see who was king or queen bee. And since then, he has become her most beloved friend up north and she remains giddy and excited every time she has a chance to be with him. 

Slinky turns 11 this year and from all accounts her pancreatitis has been put on hold.  She loves to play outdoors, go for walks and now begs for the CBD cookies her mom has started to make in addition to the tincture she takes daily.  And so, in honor of her BFF Duke, she chose him to be her CBD mascot for the products that gave her another chance at life.  But, really, it’s just because she loves him to pieces.

Signed, Slinky’s mom, and Kuli Essentials’ founder, Mel.

To keep the story brief I left out all the scientific stuff about Kuli Essentials’ 2-year journey with CBD, how it works, what we have found out about NANO technology and absorption rates.  For that, you may want to read our more technical articles.  If so, click HERE.

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