Introduction to Nano Particles

Nano Technology in Lotions and Creams

One milligram of CBD can be 20 or more times more effective than 1 milligram of standard CBD oil. Standard CBD oil or tinctures are processed by the liver to get into the blood stream, a slow process. Nano CBD can however go in directly through the skin accelerating absorption and provide higher impact due to the multiplier effect of nanoparticles.  Often marketers use the term “nano” liberally so not all products labelled “nano” may pass through the skin. Our nano CBD has a 20 to 30 times multiplier effect to standard CBD oil.

Nano is not Micro Encapsulation

Standard oil clumps at around 2,000 nano meters. Micro-encapsulation takes that clump and coats it with a layer so that it suspends well in water and is tasteless; however, there is no multiplier effect and often the micro-encapsulated CBD is visible in clear water. In contrast, Nano CBD is not visible in water though it can be tasted.

If you cannot see it and can taste it, then, it is nano CBD with the multiplier effect.

Bio Availability

Bio Availability measures how much of the CBD taken is absorbed. A number of studies note that the same dose in smaller particles results in higher absorption or bio availability. Improved bio availability increases the amount of a dose that enters the body and the smaller particle sizes provide a multiplier effect. Essentially, the effectiveness of the smaller particles far exceeds that of the larger particles.

Are Nanoparticles Good or Bad?

It depends.
If approved vitamins or supplements are converted to nanoparticles and dosed correctly then a much smaller does would be effective and this could be seen as being Good.
If however, topical solutions contain materials that are safe and effective on the skin but are not safe for internal use, are reduced to nanoparticles, then that could be Bad.
Nanoparticles are not a panacea. They can be good or bad. The nano CBDs in our topicals pass through the skin and is as safe as taking CBD orally.

Lotions, Creams and Serums

Lotions, creams and serums can be infused with standard CBD, CBD emulsions and nano-CBD. Standard CBD oil can bring topical surface benefits. In contrast nano-CBD can be absorbed deeper into and even through the skin for a deeper impact.  Because of the multiplier effect of nano CBD, it takes less nano-CBD for a desired influence.

The effectiveness of ingredients is closely linked to its surface area. Increasing the surface area of an ingredient often increases its effectiveness. Most molecules in natural form tend to cluster meaning that there are more molecules inside the cluster than on the surface.

While the mathematics in figuring out surface area for a given volume of an ingredient are pretty clear, a simpler way to think about this is to consider a small plastic bag filled with water. Without really calculating the area the surface area of the bag can be intuitively assessed.

Using a 6” by 6” sandwich bag that could expand to a couple of inches at the middle that is filled with water, the surface area can be estimated are 6” by 6” for one side (6 x 6 = 36). Since there are two sides that would double the surface area of the sides. Even if the middle of the bag was 2” the sides remain at 6” by 6”. So the total surface area would be about 72 square inches (36 + 36).

If the water was then poured onto a large glass table top, it could easily cover a square of 3 feet. The surface area for one side would be 3 feet (36 inches) times 3 feet or 1,296 square inches (36 x 36). Since there are two sides that would total 2,592 square inches (1,296 + 1,296).

The same water in a “clump” in the sandwich bag with a surface are of 72 square inches now has a surface area of 2,592 square inches on the glass. This is an increase of 36 times.

Particles that are in the 1 to 100 nanometers are considered nanoparticles. A nanometer is a billion times smaller than a meter and a meter is just over 39 inches. Many organic oil molecules cluster at about 2,000 nanometers. This means that most of these oils will not pass through the skin. A cluster like this can consist of around hundreds of molecules.

Nanoparticles of these oils are created when the 2,000 nanometer cluster is broken down into smaller clusters ranging up to 100 nanometers each. These smaller particles can pass through the skin and cell walls improving both bio availability and effectiveness.

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