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Unit Prices as shown are discounted to 100+ Unit Tier for Initial Order

UNIT PRICE                                                           EXTENDED


1.5 Case Nano Water 10+ No Flavoring added – (30 bottles) – 12 FL OZ                            ($28.00)                                                                 $42.00

1.0 Cases Nano Water 10+ Lemonade Flavoring – (20 bottles) – 12 FL OZ                           ($28.00)                                                               $28.00

1.5 Case Nano Water – Orange/Tangerine Flavoring – (30 bottles) – 12 FL OZ              ($28.00)                                                                     $42.00


NET  DUE                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $112.00

No sales tax applicable as RockInTee has provided Sales Tax Account Number :30232817 and reported that this purchase is for resale.

Prices reflect that RockInTee will pick up the order upon completion. No shipping costs are included in this price.

Order is expected to be ready 7 days from receipt of order and payment with the exception of the Dog Treats where Kuli will provide a delivery date within 7 business days. Kuli has agreed to place products into vending machine bags and RockInTee Inc. agrees to deliver 118 Vending Machine bags to Kuli at least 3 days before order is expected to be ready for pick-up. Total expected bags needed are 107 and the number 118 includes 10% for potential damage.

Both parties agree to make best efforts to deliver products as detailed above.

Full terms relating to the order, production, marketing, etc. are documented in the Wholesale Agreement to be executed by both parties.




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