Reseller/Wholesaler & White Label

Kuli offers three Reselling options. These are:
1) our packaged and branded products at three volume/price tiers as follows:
    a) Individual Retail Store Level (minimum product order $1,000)
    b) Group or chain Store Level (minimum product order $2,500)
    c) Wholesale Level (Minimum order quantity of 250 units of any selected product)
2) our creams and serums in bulk containers for you to package (Minimum 5 gallons); and,
3) our proprietary nano-emulsions for you to incorporate into their own products and related packaging (Minimum 1 kg of CBD totaling 13-18 kg of nano emulsion).

White label options are customizable. Key client options in white labeling are containers, boxes, labeling, volumes and shipping. On containers, client needs to select containers. Clients also need to decide whether or not they desire boxes for selected containers. While Kuli will provide all required labeling content, client needs to select graphics on containers and boxes, if boxes are desired. On labeling printing directly on containers and boxes cost more than affixing labels to containers and boxes. Whether Client selects: on container/box printing; labels to be affixed; Client needs to provide completed graphic files with client graphics and required content labeling in .AI format.

Kuli can recommend a number of suppliers for containers, boxes, printing on containers or of labels (and boxes is selected). Client may choose its own suppliers. With either option Client must have all material delivered to Kuli for processing. Suppliers of containers and boxes have their minimum volumes and price breaks. Printers who print on bottles also have a minimum fee which make small volume batches less optimal. Box printers usually custom build and print boxes again with minimum fees.  and Kuli. Printers also have minimums to print on that often make  can assist in selected containers, boxes and labeling decisions if retained to do so.

Minimum White Label Volumes and related pricing are based on options selected.

White Label Services begin at 10,000 units with a setup cost of $5,000. Contact us to explore your needs.

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