Slinky Dog, famously known for her own recovery from acute pancreatitis using CBD, jumps into action when her BFF Duke is hit by a truck!

What happened you ask?  Well, first know that Duke is going to be okay and is recovering nicely on his comfy bed on the farm.  But it was quite the scare the day Duke decided to chase the neighbor’s truck with all good intentions mind you.  He is sure that he is doing his duty of patrolling the farm by leading a great charge to any vehicle within running distance from the comforts of his covered porch, while gregariously barking and yelping to announce all intruders.  He prides himself on successfully chasing away the big bad vehicles from his master’s yard and allows himself one last leap at the intruder for good measure.  Unfortunately, during such an adventure, this one last leap was a little too enthusiastic and poor Duke landed too close to the intruder’s front wheel.  When his front leg was accidentally hit by the truck, Duke yelped and knew right away something was broken.  Well, lucky for him, he was immediately taken in for casting and was glad to hear recovery would only take 6-8 weeks and would be just a little bit painful due to the break and inflammation. 

When Slinky Dog learned of the accident, she immediately asked her people to bake a batch of CBD cookies to give to her BFF.  Fortunately for Duke, the Farm Bill had just passed making CBD legitimate and legal so Slinky was relieved to know her BFF would have a little bit of help to manage the pain and inflammation associated with a broken leg.  Slinky recommend Duke eat two cookies a day which of course thrilled Duke given he was very fond of the major ingredient sweet potato and thought the unsweetened applesauce was also very appealing.

While Duke is recovering from his break, he has been a bit sidelined but has remained true to his role of protector and maintains most of his sentinel duties from his porch, yard, living room or kitchen.  He is often “working remotely” as they say and grateful his cookies are low calorie given his reduced exercise!  Continuing to improve, he sent Slinky (and the farm bill) a big thank you!  Slinky Dog was quite thrilled to see the smile on Duke the lab and promised to keep the bakery open if needed!