DIRECTIONS for Serums & Face Cream

Our Serums

Our premium Serum is the Hyaluronic Acid with CBD (15ml). 

Hyaluronic Acid is an intense, paraben free, non-greasy moisturizer for fine lines. Our CBD is converted to nano size particles for maximum effectiveness.

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DIRECTIONS for Hyaluronic Acid with CBD Serum (15ml)
The Hyaluronic Acid Serum with CBD is best applied both at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.  A single pump is enough for fine lines of facial areas. Using too much can have a drying effect. Apply serum after cleansing and a towel dry to areas with fine lines around face and eyes. Residual moisture from towel drying helps with application on the serum. For application to neck area a second pump is recommended. Wait for serum to absorb before applying creams and make-up.
DIRECTIONS for Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and CBD (50ml)
Kuli Essentials Face Cream brings you the power of luxurious hyaluronic acid and nano CBD. Apply to face and neck as needed to keep skin moisturized. For best results apply as needed.  Use this cream both as day and night cream. If using our serum, apply our serum before face cream.
For best day results, wash face and towel dry and apply Face Cream before adding make up.
For best night results, remove make-up, wash face and  neck then apply Face Cream before sleep.

Applying excessive amounts may cause dryness.

Droppers, Pumps or Airless?

Serums are usually applied to delicate skin to benefit from its moisturizing properties. For best effect, always keep your Serum away from contaminants.

Droppers often come into “contact” with many surfaces including skin before they are returned to the jar. Standard pumps are a great improvement though the presence of “air” in the pump introduces its own risks. In contrast Airless Pumps address both the “contact” and “air” issues for optimal protection.

At Kuli Essentials, we are committed to Airless Pumps for our Serums.

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