White Label - More information

Standard Options
Under this model, we deliver products in the containers used in our current product offerings with clear labels that include your business/brand name.

Custom Design
Deciding on a white label offering includes several decision points. Kuli’s recommendation on how to approach this follows.

The two most impactful decisions in terms and cost and branding are whether:

  • your branded products will include both a container and a box or be limited to just the container.
  • you want your brand printed on the container/box, or would you prefer to have labels affixed to the container/box.
    Printing on Containers and Boxes
        – Minimum volumes to print directly on containers begins around 500 units with material price breaks for volumes over 2,000
        – Printing on boxes usually entails custom box design and selection followed by minimum printing runs of around 2,500 units.
    Printing and Affixing Labels
        – Minimums for printing and affixing labels can be as few as 50 units.

With those decisions made, it’s time to source containers, boxes and printers
Make sure to select containers that are in continuous production to be comfortable that more of the containers are likely available in the future from well established vendors. If you elected to print directly onto containers, confirm with printers that they can work with the selected containers. Not all containers are of standards suitable for on container printing.

Brand Graphics
While containers, boxes and printers are being selected, you need to develop graphic design for containers and/or boxes. Kuli will provide required labeling content so that you can develop the graphics for your brand and required labeling. Finished graphics should be delivered to Kuli in .AI format unless you want to deliver final containers and/or boxes ready for Kuli to fill, pack and return.

Support with Container, Box, Label Selection and Graphics
Kuli offers consulting services to help you select containers, decisions on whether or not to include boxes, decisions on on container and box printing versus labels, and with brand graphics.

Email Wholesale@KuliEssentials.com to schedule a call.